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Ocean Freight

What Is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of product via cargo ships; goods are packed into containers and these containers are loaded onto a vessel, where they will be sailed to their destination country.

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Whether you’re importing or exporting, Global dominion shipping has your international shipping covered port to port or door to door in full container loads or less than a container loads.


➩ Pre-booked spaces allotment

➩ Cargo pick-up & delivery

➩ Cargo inspection and witness loading

➩ Packing / barcode/ crating/ Palletizing

➩ Accurate, complete, timely documentation including airway bill, packing list, Invoice, C/O etc

➩ Measure the weight & size

➩ Air Cargo Booking and Management

➩ Vendor assembly program

➩ Over-size cargo handling

➩ Freight consolidation service

➩ Custom declaration and clearance

➩ Warehousing & distribution to the customer

➩ Tracking & tracing

➩ Air cargo insurance

➩ Door to door delivery

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